Thursday, June 3, 2010

Looking for the Groove

Not only did I fall off the posting wagon here, I sort of fell off the creating wagon. I haven't made much for my shop in a long while. I haven't decided if I am just done with this phase of my life or just taking a break.

I went through the cards I had made that didn't sell in my shop, kept some of them to use myself when I need a card instead of scrambling to make a new one each time I need one, and made clearance packs of most of the rest. I haven't sold anything in quite a while so that is a little discouraging too.

I'm going through my expired listings and deleting the cards that I no longer have or that I'm no longer selling. It feels good to be able to do "housekeeping" like that! Yay for the option to delete old listings!


  1. I think your cards are great! And I don't know how you manage to run a household while being an awesome mommy to three kids, blog AND make stuff. I'm amazed.

  2. Thanks so much Holly! I <3 you!


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